【国際ブランド】 ALTRIDER アルトライダー ツーリング用バッグ 中央排気車両用 ソフトパニア ヘミスフィア-サイドバッグ・サドルバッグ

【国際ブランド】 ALTRIDER アルトライダー ツーリング用バッグ 中央排気車両用 ソフトパニア ヘミスフィア-サイドバッグ・サドルバッグ

ヘミスフィア ソフトパニア

■AltRider motorcycles accessories are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
■100% water-proof and dust-proof when used correctly
■125 liter overall capacity
■Easy installation
■Dry bags constructed with military grade threads fully taped seams and 1.5 Delrin buckles
■2 removable dry bags for the upper compartments -- approx. 34 liters each
■2 custom dry bags for the lower compartments on each bottom side of the pannier -- approx. 15 liters each
■1 top kit dry bag can be converted to back pack -- approx. 28 liters
■Easily accessible compartments
■Passenger capacity with system installed
■Next generation design maintains handling by keeping weight low
■High Visibility reflective logos improve safety in low light and night time riding conditions
Hemisphere luggage backed by limited lifetime warranty

Pack properly!

AltRider Hemisphere soft panniers combine ultimate functionality and extreme durability to create the most versatile pannier on the market. When used correctly they are 100% waterproof and dust-proof. Hemisphere soft panniers offer lighter weight and a narrower profile than aluminum hard boxes. With approximately 125 liters of storage space the Hemisphere soft panniers are designed for larger adventure bikes -- perfect for that Saturday ride or multi-day treks off the beaten path. The Hemisphere soft panniers are constructed from ballistic nylon using military grade stitching and fully taped seams in all dry bags.

After a rigorous testing process AltRider designed an innovative holster system with a full length nylon belt around the top of the holster. Not only is this belt anchored to the center piece on each end it is looped over and box-stitched back onto itself for incredible strength. This technique was chosen due to the high stress put on the corners when under load. The holster is secured to the bike with nylon compression straps which wrap the entire pannier to prevent the hammering effect of loaded bags on rugged terrain. Oversized sleeves on the outside of the bags keep the compression straps in place and prevent snagging if the bike goes down. Custom aluminum tension hooks are easy to install but wont come undone under load.

Upper Compartments // 68 liters total

Each side of the holster has an upper compartment with a removable 34 liter dry bag. These custom dry bags are constructed from vinyl coated polyester and feature a roll top closure utilizing 1.5 delrin buckles -- easy to use even with gloves on. This roll top closure allows the bag to expand or collapse depending on capacity requirements and fully seals out the elements. The dry bags are perfect for your items that need to stay completely dry -- clothes sleeping bags electronics etc. Because these items are lightweight they can be stored high on the bike without sacrificing handling. The dry bags are designed to function off the bike as well -- each has a male and female buckle allowing you to buckle the bag shut to keep out the elements and create a carrying handle. A drain hole in each compartment prevents water from pooling underneath the dry bags when the weather takes a turn for the worse. When the dry bags are removed the holster can be used to carry other items or closed using the compression straps.

Lower Compartments // 30 liters total

The soft panniers also feature lower compartments with removable 15 liter dry bags for storing heavier adventure essentials -- tools camp stoves or other hefty items. Storing these heavier items closer to the ground maintains the handling of the motorcycle while protecting your lighter items from accidental damage. Special nylon was selected for the interior of the lower compartments to reduce friction making it easier to slide the dry bags out. Drain holes are strategically located to allow water to drain from the exterior holster while the custom dry bag stays dry and secure. Dry bags are secured using a double strap system to keep them in place no matter how rough the trail gets.

Removable Top Kit // 28 liters

A removable top kit dry bag offers 28 liters of storage space and is fastened with 2 metal cam-lock buckles and 1 webbing. The versatile top kit can be converted to a back pack when removed from the bike. The rugged design of the cam-lock buckles won’t allow any movement of the straps regardless of riding conditions. The cam-lock strap system can also be used to secure a multitude of other items -- haul exactly what your adventure requires. The harness is padded underneath the top kit allowing passengers without removing the luggage.

Please Note:Hemisphere Soft Panniers feature a unique design based on which side of the motorcycle your exhaust is located. Left and right side exhausts are asymmetrical and will have a slightly sm...文字数制限により省略しております。詳細はメーカーサイトなどをご覧ください。

【国際ブランド】 ALTRIDER アルトライダー ツーリング用バッグ 中央排気車両用 ソフトパニア ヘミスフィア-サイドバッグ・サドルバッグ求めているのは即戦力

【国際ブランド】 ALTRIDER アルトライダー ツーリング用バッグ 中央排気車両用 ソフトパニア ヘミスフィア-サイドバッグ・サドルバッグ

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【国際ブランド】 ALTRIDER アルトライダー ツーリング用バッグ 中央排気車両用 ソフトパニア ヘミスフィア-サイドバッグ・サドルバッグ


【国際ブランド】 ALTRIDER アルトライダー ツーリング用バッグ 中央排気車両用 ソフトパニア ヘミスフィア-サイドバッグ・サドルバッグ






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【国際ブランド】 ALTRIDER アルトライダー ツーリング用バッグ 中央排気車両用 ソフトパニア ヘミスフィア-サイドバッグ・サドルバッグ

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【国際ブランド】 ALTRIDER アルトライダー ツーリング用バッグ 中央排気車両用 ソフトパニア ヘミスフィア-サイドバッグ・サドルバッグ

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